Urban art show  New York - Braşov - Bucureşti

Exposition urbaine itinérante Sasha Meret en Roumanie
14-30 Août  2010  -   Piaţa Sfatului, Cărtureşti,  Bistro de L'Arte
Bucureşti  I 01-12 Septembre 2010  -  Cărtureşti
Présentation : Pavel Şuşară
Bucureşti  II
12-30 Septembre   -  Green Hours
Organisation exposition
Organisation vernissage, dîner FIRO
Partenaire Vernissage

Partenaire Dîner
Partenaires media Inside Communication, Zile şi Nopţi,, Braş, Time Out Bucarest
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Sasha Meret 

Romanian born, he lives and works in New York since 1987.

He studied printmaking with Tony Harrison at Columbia University  and he had exhibits in Europe, Japan, China and the U.S. His work encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles. He combines painting, drawing, photography, digital imaging with printmaking techniques like: intaglio, woodcut, aquatint, mono-type, and works in a variety of styles, from representational to abstract. His imagery reflects his spiritual explorations, blending European, African, Asian, and esoteric symbolism in a highly personal visual language. He alternates figuration with abstraction in search for a balance between ideas and emotions. The latest development in his work has a dominant conceptual component and explores more in the sculpture medium. Incorporating movement as another dimension in his work, it materialized into a strong video-art portfolio, that closing a creative circle becomes a source of inspiration for new drawings and paintings.

His works are prezent in public and private collection :Pfizer, Sony Corporation, Joyce Gilmore Mertz Foundation, Art Lin YuNu Foundation, Pall Corporation, Romanian Cultural Foundation, Queens Museum, Carcassonne Museum.

In 2003 he illustrated “Don Global suit pe cal” by Andrei, Ilinca si Calin Mihailescu that was awarded the First Prize for best childrens book by the Romanian Editors Association.

In 2005 he was invited by the Pintung Province Government to the Peninsula Arts Festival for a series of lectures and exhibitions.

In 2008 he was selected as the visual artist for the pilot TV documentary series about Romanian-American cultural personalities, initiated and produced by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York in 2007 and broadcast by the Romanian National Television in April 2008.

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